our team

Our design approach is simple.  We have no house style.

We are sensitive to each project situation, and create designs that are tailored to suit your needs and aspirations.

We believe a clearly defined problem declares its own solution.  Only after we are fully conversant with your needs do we commence the design.

Tracey Stoute

founder / architect

TJ Zhu


Kathy Fu

interior designer

Venus Ngai

assistant interior designer

Joyce Yim BK.jpg
Joyce Yim

assistant interior designer

Carol Lau.jpg
Carol Lau

assistant interior designer

Elslie Cheung

assistant interior designer

ECHO Wong BK.jpg
Echo Wong

senior project designer

Joey Chu (BW).jpg
Joey Chu

senior project designer

Echo Yan BK.jpg
Echo Yan

project designer

Shirley Zhou (BW).jpg
Shirley Zhou

senior resident architect

Mark Ongsioco

design architect

Alison Tsang

architectural designer

Steven Cheung.jpg
Steven Cheung

architectural designer

Jen Sze.jpg
Jen Sze

architectural designer

Ace Chong

architectural assistant

Mariana (BW).jpg
Mariana Inacio

senior project manager

Cybill Cheung (BW).jpg
Cybill Cheung

senior secretary

Annie Chan (BW).jpg
Annie Chan

office administrator