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Long Chim Restaurant

Coming May 2018


Long Chim, which means 'Come and Taste' brings to Hong Kong’s long awaited Central Police Station project the finest renditions of Thai street food articulated by renowned Celebrity Chef David Thompson.

Evoking the mouthwatering roadside eateries and vibrant street markets of Bangkok, live kitchen stations produce an array of dishes brimming with the exciting flavours of Thailand.

The internationally acclaimed chef, restaurateur and cookbook author has crafted a tantalising menu that combines traditional street food and contemporary flavours.

Experience Long Chim’s sleek yet casual interior while navigating through the restaurant’s wide-ranging menu featuring favourites such as the Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad, Chiang Mai Curried Noodle Soup and Red Curry of Roast Duck.

The restaurant will also feature a colourful lounge bar serving original Thai-inspired cocktails such as the Bangkok Blazer and the signature 555.

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